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APRIL FOOLS written by Overactive, 2010-04-02 00:26 CEST (0 comments)

But 1v1 sounds like a plan anyway!

Welcome to Lovesow Bomb Leauge! written by Overactive, 2010-04-01 17:14 CEST (6 comments)

Another long cup is upcoming! This time with a prize for the winner! This cup is estimated to start 1st May.

This cup is proudly sponsored by my dad's store Overclockers www.oc.nu ! I convinced him to give me a prize for the winner and he promised me one intel core i7 pc with the latest ati card! Since i unfourntenatly only could get one pc this cup will be played in 1v1 format. I know alot might think this is a bad idea but for warsowTV and other promotion it will be awesome! Think about the amount of games on warsowTV!

Depending on the amount of sign-ups the cup style will change. It will either be Bo3 groups or a double elimination bracket.

Countdown 5
Roundtime 1:00
Bombtimer 30
Roundlimit 15
Scorelimit 16

Reactors_2, Old alley, Shepas, Cxbomb1, Cwbomb1

I would like to know your oppinions about bombtimer 30. Please comment.
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